Help Harry

We started with two muffin cases, a small amount of aluminium foil, 15 pipe cleaners,tsp of supertax and 8 matchsticks.

We got 4 matchsticks and put it on each muffin cases. Then stacked the muffin cases on top of each other with a piece of paper sepperating the two. Then made a dude with the pipe cleaners and put it on top of the muffin case on the top. The finish it, we made a tin foil case for Harry.


There are two boys who play a game and don’t get any sleep. I think games should be turned off at 8:30. And they are lying.Deep is to tired at school cause he stays up all night and plays games.

Insect recipe Alex

Everyone’s heard that frogs are supposed to taste like chicken but bee larvae sautéed with butter and honey tasting like bacon is taking things to new levels.Ingredients:

Bee larvae

1 egg white

1tsp butter

¼ tsp honey

1 tomato

1 leaf lettuce

2 slices of bread

1 pinch of salt

Fry the bee larvae in the butter, salt and honey (don’t over do the honey). Once the larvae are a gold/brown colour and crisp on the edges then remove from the heat and the batter. In a separate bowl mix with the egg-white to bind the larvae together, then return to the batter and press together to resemble a small burger. Prepare the rest of your sandwich and when the larvae is firm place it on top of your other ingredients and enjoy. Or serve to your family and see what happens… 


I think eating insects is really weird and gross I would never eat one

I would say it’s really weird and the guy who can see under all the stuff. He is rich and owns a Ferrari. I would say so far it’s like a Sci fi thing it’s cool.