Help Harry

Today we helped Harry. We planned our tower and then when we tried it, it didn’t work. We had to make a stable tower and put Harry at the top but we could only use 2 pieces of paper, 10 matchsticks, 2 patty pans, 15 pipe cleaners, I piece of foil and some super tac. I was in a group with Alyse and Suad. It was very hard bug I still had fun!


#Game on Ep1

Someone hacked into a girls account and wrote mean things about her friends on her page. Her friend got upset and thinks her friend did it. To solve the problem you should keep your password and other personal information to yourself and log out after being on social media.

Lego Animation

Together Alyse, Amber, Shayla, Tahlia and I are “WHO ASAKT.” Join us on this mystery we created with Lego at the Zoo by clicking the link below!,%20Amber,%20Kayley,%20Shay%20&%20Tahlia’

Lord Howe Island Stick Insects

Lord How Island Stick Insects were extinct end for 80 years due to Black Rats. They were rediscovered at Balls Pyramid 23km off the coast (A rat free place). The Melbourne zoo has been helping these beautiful insects out by keeping them in the zoo where they can’t be harmed, breeding them and caring for them. There is no Lord Howe Island Stick insects on Lord How Island right now and let’s hope it can stay that way.

Facts that will blow your mind!

1. There are more life forms on your skin than there are people on this planet!

2. 20% of office coffee mugs contain fecal matter (poo)!

3. A traffic jam lasted for more than 10 days with cars only moving 965.6064 meters a day!

4. Polar bears are nearly invisible under Infra – Red light !

5. Only 15% of the Sahara Desert is filled with sand !

6. The rock found at the summit of Mount Everest , is marine limestone and would of have been deposited at the bottom of the sea , 450 million years ago ! 

7. Mobile phone throwing is an actual sport in Finland!

8. If the Internet went down for a day, 196 billion emails and 3 billion Google searches would have to wait.

9. The largest number ever counted (1,000,000,) took Jeremy Harper 3 months!

10. 100 pounds equivalent to 45.359 kilograms of chocolate are eaten every SECOND in the U.S !

11. In South Africa , a 6000 year old tree has a bar inside

12. Cotton Candy was invented by a dentist.
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Spicy Critter Fritters

Spicy Critter Fritters

1/2 cup cricket flour

2 beaten large eggs

2 tablespoons grated Parmesan

1/2 teaspoon salt

2 cups fresh corn kernels

2 thinly sliced scallion

1/2 finely chopped seeded jalapeño

2 tablespoons olive oil


1 cup light sour cream

1 teaspoon lime juice

1/3 cup chopped chipotle peppers in adobo sauce

1 tablespoon lightly toasted weevils optional

In food processor pulse 4-5 times or finely dice 2 cups corn kernels, 1 scallion, and jalapeño.

In a large bowl, combine corn-veggie mixture with 2 eggs, 1/4 cup cricket flour, 2 tablespoons grated Parmesan, and 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt. Press the mixture into a fine mesh strainer to remove excess liquid.

Mix sour cream, lime juice and chipotle peppers Refrigerate dip and fritter mix for about ½ hr.

Working in batches, cook heaping tablespoonfuls of batter until golden brown, about 4 minutes per side; season fritters with salt.

Serve with sour cream and sprinkle with weevils.

Recipe Notes

Makes about 10-12 patties

I think it would be healthy and nice but the thought of eating insects scares everyone. It would probably be disgusting but eventually people would get used to it. I agree that we should maybe be putting bugs in our diet.


Imhrat Khan has just found Banajee and is now about to hide in a tree to watch him levitate and pray. He is about to learn to see without his eyes. I think Banajee will see him and then will teach him how to see without his eyes.

Imhrat Khan

This miracle man can see with his eyes closed. This book is one of those books that puts you on the edge of your seat. I am curious to know how he does it. I recommend it for people that like stories that make you curious. This story could be a bit more descriptive but I still like it anyway. I think he can see because someone is telling him. I think that he will do his show, the doctors will go and but no one will find out about how he does it.


Discus is one of those throwing sports. It requires strong arms and even some stragizing. Discus requires a safe and secure court and a disc AKA discus. In discus you have to swing your arms to gather up power. You swing about 3 times and throw. Discus is played in the Olympics. Australia is pretty good at discus too. Many people love discus and I do too! Go discus.