Help Harry

We started with two muffin cases, a small amount of aluminium foil, 15 pipe cleaners,tsp of supertax and 8 matchsticks.

We got 4 matchsticks and put it on each muffin cases. Then stacked the muffin cases on top of each other with a piece of paper sepperating the two. Then made a dude with the pipe cleaners and put it on top of the muffin case on the top. The finish it, we made a tin foil case for Harry.


Basketball is one of the most popular sport in the world. NBA witch stands for national basketball association. Some of of the violations are double dribble, traveling and fouling.. Did you know that Michael Jordan was the best player in the world and Magic Johnson was the second best player in the the world. Basketball is a two team sport played on a rectangular court. The aim of the game is the get the ball in the hoop and whoever has the most points at the end wins.

The Wonderful Story of Henry Suger By Raold Dahl

The Wonderful Story of Henry SugarBy Roald Dahl
I think it is very weird and very interesting at the same time. It does have its funny moments in the book. I think I would rather a different book because it is not my style.
I think he can see by a little person who is inside his hairy ear who tells him where to go.
I am not sure what will happen next because the book is very unpredictable.



Equipment: Some equipment you need are hurdles, runners, shorts

Activity: You need to jump over the hurdle and win the race

Rules: Remember to put the hurdles the right way, don’t go until the whistle blows and remember to lead a trail leg.

Olympic Sport stars: Some famous hurdlers in the Olympics include Thomas Blurke, Frank Jarvis and Reggie Walker.image