Lego Animation

Together Alyse, Amber, Shayla, Tahlia and I are “WHO ASAKT.” Join us on this mystery we created with Lego at the Zoo by clicking the link below!,%20Amber,%20Kayley,%20Shay%20&%20Tahlia’

The wonderful story of Henry Sugar

This story is interesting and a book that makes you want to read on and find out what happens next. I recommend reading this book and find out what happens next after this; a guy named Imhrat Khan can see without his eyes being opened. This book is you reading a book, inside a book, inside a book if that makes any sense??

High Jump

2015 Athletics Carnival 

I chose high jump because I came 2nd in it.
The equipment to use is, a bar, something to hold it and a big safety mat.
The activity you do is run and “Dolphin Dive” or “Scissor Kick” over the bar.
Three rules are to run in a “J” shape, next jump over the bar and try not to knock it over, the last step is to do a “Dolphin Dive” or “Scissor Kick” over the bar whilst you’re diving.
High jump is an Olympic sport, Australia has won 20 gold medals, 26 silver medals and 25 bronze medals. In total that is 71 Australian medals. Below is just 10 Olympic medalist.

Gold Silver Bronze Years Competed

Ian Thorpe[8] 5 3 1 2000 2004

Dawn Fraser[9] 4 4 0 1956 1960 1964

Libby Trickett[20] 4 1 2 2004 2008 2012

Murray Rose[10] 4 1 1 1956 1960

Leisel Jones[17] 3 5 1 2000 2004 2008 2012

Petria Thomas[18] 3 4 1 1996 2000 2004

Grant Hackett[6][89] 3 3 1 2000 2004 2008

Shane Gould[7] 3 1 1 1972

Jodie Henry[33] 3 0 0 2004

Stephanie Rice[14] 3 0

Sun Party 

Friend ships were used as an advertisement device. People that like to eat outside would watch this because it is aimed at people that would enjoy that. It would convince me to buy it because the holly food is in at the end of the advertisement. It would probably convince other people as well because there is the holly food and if you don’t like the holly food you’re not human. I strongly think that it is fair to advertise in this way because they’re advertising outside and it was a nice day out.