#game on

#game onthis video has many problems.

one problem is that the two boys are staying up to late playing video games and there not getting enough sleep.

they should not have the games in there rooms so they can get more sleep. 

all the teens need to watch out cyberbullying. 

The wonderful world of Henry Sugar By Roald Dahl 

The wonderful story of Henry superI think that this is a great story so far. It go’s in a lovely amount of detail and is suitable for all ages. It is an amazing story and makes my day.I think Imhrat Khan can see without his eyes because he has a Alain in his mind and he can see through his nose.I think that Imhrat will go and join the circus and do some of the most amazing things

Big Mac add Matt M

This mc Donald’s addis telling us that if you have a Big Mac you will be pretty 
This add is directed to all ages
 This Mc Donald’s add has no point so I don’t think I’m m convinced 
I don’t think that a any one else will get the point of this Mc Donald’s add
There is no inappropriate stuff in this add so everyone can watch this add
By Matt