Game on Matt.N

Someone hacked into one of the girls account and put bad photos on her page.
She should hide and tell no one about her password and try to fix her friendship with her friend.
Dean was late for school and his aunty got rung to come to the school and he isn’t happy about it.
He should stop playing that game after 9 oclock pm.

Lord Howe Island  Stick Insects Matt.N

They were attacked by black rats that came  of a ship that landed there and the black rats ate them.

They were thought to be extinct for 80 years.

We found some survivers on in 2001 on Balls Pyramid with no rats to kill them  there.

Melbourne zoo is saving the endangered insects by keeping them in a zoo where they can’t be killed at the zoo where they can breed. 

There is no stick insects on the island any more.

Matt..N Bee-lt Insect Recipes 

Everyone’s heard that frogs are supposed to taste like chicken but bee larvae sautéed with butter and honey tasting like bacon is taking things to new levels.Ingredients:

Bee larvae

1 egg white

1tsp butter

¼ tsp honey

1 tomato

1 leaf lettuce

2 slices of bread

1 pinch of salt

Fry the bee larvae in the butter, salt and honey (don’t over do the honey). Once the larvae are a gold/brown colour and crisp on the edges then remove from the heat and the batter. In a separate bowl mix with the egg-white to bind the larvae together, then return to the batter and press together to resemble a small burger. Prepare the rest of your sandwich and when the larvae is firm place it on top of your other ingredients and enjoy. Or serve to your family and see what happens…

Source: Girl Meets Bug 

I think we shouldn’t eat insects because the are not the right thing to eat. They might be healthy but you never know we’re they’re been.