#Game On

Joel and Dean are playing too much of this game and there addicted to it. They played it for most of the night, they were tired the next morning. There parents should take the computers out of there rooms.Dean is in trouble for play to much of the game. And his Auntie and the teacher are worried.

Deep Fried Tarantula 

Exactly what it says.Ingredients:

2 cups vegetable oil

2 frozen tarantulas (adult, Taxas brown, Chilean rose or similar)

1 cup tempura batter

1 tsp smoked paprika

Tempura batter ingredients:

1 medium egg

½ cup cold water

½ cup plain flour

½ tsp baking soda

To make the batter beat the egg until smooth. Slowly add the cold water whilst beating. Add flour and baking soda and allow the mixture to sit (don’t’ worry if it is a bit lumpy). Using a saucepan or deep-fat fryer heat the oil to 190C. Use a sharp knife to cut out the abdomens of the tarantulas and singe off it’s body hairs with a lighter. Thoroughly coat the spider in batter and ensure the legs are not clumped together before frying. Deep fry for about a minute or until the batter is browned. Allow the spiders to drain on a paper towel. Cut the spiders in two lengthways and sprinkle with paprika to serve. Eat the legs first and then nibble at the more meaty bits (avoiding the fangs…)

I think that the idea of eating bugs is pretty cool but I don’t wont to eat mealworms 


Shot Put

In shot put you use a heavy ball and you have to throw it Ito a pit of red things.

In shot put you have to put it up to your neck and throw it.

The rules are that you have to keep the ball straight and follow threw it or it will be a no throw. So you tecnichly don’t throw it.You also have to keep a dirty neck and not throw it. You have to lean back and keep it straight.

Shot Put is an Olympic sport no and I don’t think they have one any medals yet.


McDonald’s Spicy Chiken McBites

The advertising device that was used was comedy and music.

This is amid at people who can handle spice.

I wouldn’t eat it because I don’t like trying new things.

Yes other people will eat them because some people like spicy food.

I don’t think it’s a good way of advertising because some stuff in the ad is not real.