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Together Alyse, Amber, Shayla, Tahlia and I are “WHO ASAKT.” Join us on this mystery we created with Lego at the Zoo by clicking the link below!,%20Amber,%20Kayley,%20Shay%20&%20Tahlia’



Everyone’s heard that frogs are
supposed to taste like chicken but bee larvae sautéed with butter and honey tasting like bacon is taking things to new levels.
Bee larvae
1 egg white
1tsp butter
¼ tsp honey
1 tomato
1 leaf lettuce
2 slices of bread
1 pinch of salt
Fry the bee larvae in the butter, salt and honey (don’t over do the honey). Once the larvae are a gold/brown colour and crisp on the edges then remove from the heat and the batter. In a separate bowl mix with the egg-white to bind the larvae together, then return to the batter and press together to resemble a small burger. Prepare the rest of your sandwich and whenimage the larvae is firm place it on top of your other ingredients and enjoy. Or serve to your family and see what happens

IMhrat khan

Imhrat khan The book mharat khan is good story I wish we didn’t st reading thing 

I think he can see with out his eyes because he uses his senses and what he can hear and feel near him.

I think he’ll do the show and he’ll mess up and will get a bad reputation and people will not go to the shows.

By shayla


Long jump

You will need a sandpit , runners and a line to jump over

You will need to jump as long you can then you will need to be able to run fast

.You must be on the line and jump
. Your foot can not past the line
.you can’t walk right in the Middle

Mitchell watt is won of the long jumps for Australia
Cathay freeman is one of your Australia stars that have got us some medals.

image Shayla

Discover what makes a legend

I believe that this add used exaggeration but they also used fact as to what was in the burger.

People that think that they need more special food & products in their life.
It might also convince people who want a classier meal that has a gourmet taste.

It would not convince me because I know that this is not really how lush & gourmet the ingredients are.

People might buy it because it is a new burger & they would want to try it.

I believe that is not far to advertise this way because they should advertise it the same way as they sell it. They don’t advertise it on TV the way it is made in McDonald’s restaurants & therefore people who eat McDonald’s are being lied to.  Shayla 6JA