Stealing Grace
Episode 1 One of the boys was playing video games on his computer but instead of doing his homework like he told his mum. His mum should take his computer out of his room and make sure he does his homework.
Episode 2 because one of the boys stayed up basically all night till 3.30 in the morning so that day at school he was so tired ant his teacher was so worried about him.


Lego Animation

Together Alyse, Amber, Shayla, Tahlia and I are “WHO ASAKT.” Join us on this mystery we created with Lego at the Zoo by clicking the link below!


Tasmanian Wolf/Tiger

The Thylacine was the largest carnivores marsupials in modern times. It is commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger or the Tasmanian wolf. The Tasmanian wolf/tiger was fully extinct over 100 years ago. The Tasmanian wolf/tiger earned its name because of the instinctive stripes on the lower back and tail. Like a kangaroo they have a pouch to carry their babies. For more facts about Tasmanian wolf/tiger go to http://www.bagheera.com/inthewild/ext_taswolf.htm