Getting Wild with QR Codes

Selecting a video

Creating a QR code

QR Stuff Screen Shot   Baby Elephant QR Code

Visit QR Stuff

Create a QR code for your video

Save your QR code to your camera roll

Creating an Animal Picture

Elephant 10

  • Use our Art supplies to create a 2D A4 image of your animal

Finalising your Poster

PicCollage Text Sample

  • Use PicCollage to create:
    • A text box with your name and grade
    • A text box with a phrase designed to encourage people to scan your QR code
    • Your QR code
  • Arrange your items in the same positions you intend to use them on your poster. That way you can get a good idea of the size they will print out.
  • Make sure the background of your PicCollage is white
  • Print out your PicCollage and attach the text elements
  • Back your final poster with complimentary coloured cover paper

Scanning the Posters

i-nigma app icon

Use e.nigma to scan the QR codes of posters that pique your interest.